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Long Term Goals

Phase I: Data Centralization-Creation of a centralized online location for all of the assessments and datasets. Identify the community assets (collective strengths). (Time Frame: Jan. 2017- April 2017)

Phase I - Jan. 2017- April 2017
Phase 2 - April 2017-April 2019
Phase 3 - April 2019-June 2020
Phase IV - July 2020

Phase II: Strategy Mapping-Identify the success indicators and community goals/outcomes. (Time Frame: April 2017-April 2019)

Phase III: Dashboard Development-Purchase the software, stakeholders contribute logic models and data (April 2019-June 2020)

Phase IV: Ongoing use and Maintenance-Promote the site to new users, gather feedback, and make necessary improvements. (July 2020-on)

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