Eagle County School District Facility Master Plan

Investigator(s): Led by Braun Associates, Inc. and TAB Associates, Inc. and hosted by Eagle County Schools in cooperation with Eagle County Emergency Management, Eagle County Sheriff, and Ameresco.


Includes population growth projections

The FMP is a working document that:

  • identifies the physical condition, lifespan and need for improvements to existing schools and facilities,
  • forecasts future enrollment projections and outlines strategies for addressing future capacity needs,
  • recommends improvements that should be made to existing schools and District facilities, and new schools and facilities that will be needed in the future, and
  • recommends how District lands can be utilized to address future needs.

The FMP is comprised of seven major sections:

Context: This section provides background information on the ECS and the process used to prepare this FMP.

Guiding Principles: The FMP is based in large part on Guiding Principles that de ne the District’s values regarding schools and facilities. These seven Guiding Principles are described in this section.

Inventory of Schools and District Facilities: A comprehensive inventory of all existing schools and facilities, along with priorities for needed improvements is provided in this section.

Demographics/Enrollment Forecasts: Western Demographics Inc. was retained to evaluate demo- graphic trends in Eagle County and to forecast the future enroll- ment for all District schools. A summary of this analysis is pro- vided in this section. A copy of the complete report is found in the appendix.

Land Resources: This section summarizes the District’s land holdings and how these lands could be used to support future school and facility needs.

Recommendations: Recommendations for implementing improvements to schools and district facilities, alternatives for addressing future school capacity needs, strategies for the use of District lands and other considerations are provided in this section.

Appendix: There is a great deal of supplemental information that was used in the preparation of this plan. This material is provided in the appendix of this plan.”
(Source: Eagle County School District 2016 Facility Master Plan, p. 2)

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Date of Publication: July 1, 2016

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