Early Childhood Assessment

Investigator(s): Led by Silver Street Consulting, LLC and conducted in cooperation with Eagle County’s early childhood council, BrightStart, and its subcommittees.


This assessment starts by reporting on the demographics and socio-economic status (household Income, unemployment and housing) of Eagle County’s population.

It also dives into Eagle County’s Early Childhood Framework:

  • Family Support and Education (Including indicators, Local System,
  • Social and Emotional Development
  • Early Intervention
  • Early Care and Learning
  • Health and Safety

The assessment closes with Appendix A: Early Childhood Data Tracker and Appendix B: Early Childhood Service Tracker.

trends and tracks indicators, baps, barriers, improvements, and goals for family support and education; social and emotional development; early intervention; early care and learning; health and safety. The Early Childhood Data Tracker compiles Census data as well

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Last Update: December 2009

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