Lead Agency: Colorado State Demography office at Colorado Department of Local Affairs in cooperation with the Conservation Trust Fund Program and also the Colorado State Census geographic programs.


DOLA’s Municipal Boundary, Special Districts and DOLA grants maps utilize GIS technology to view demographic data.

Additional available maps include:

  • Data from the US Census and American Community Survey (multiple years)
  • Population (Population Change: Births, Deaths, and Migration, Inter-State Migration, Colorado County Population, Age Animation and an Animated Population Chart)
  • Economic (Unemployment, Jobs: Base Analysis, Colorado Counties Unemployment)
  • Other (Low and Moderate Income, Poverty by Age and RUCA Urban-Rural Map)

Dataset Dates:

Data reporting Frequency: Annually

Date of Publication:

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Dataset Contact:
State Demography Office
1313 Sherman Street, Room 521
Denver, CO 80203
(303) 864-7720 (DLG main line)
(303) 864-7759 (Fax) email