Eagle County Early Childhood Roadmap

Investigator(s): Led by Public Works, LLC and hosted by Eagle County Department of Human Services and Eagle County Public Schools in cooperation with Vail Valley Foundation, Vail Valley Partnership, Eagle County Educare, United Methodist Church of Eagle Valley, Eagle County Department of Public Health, Aspen Community Foundation, Early Childhood Options, Arapahoe County Early Childhood Council, Colorado Statewide Parent Coalition, Strategies 360, Executives Partnering to Invest in Children, Colorado Department of Human Services, Colorado Department of Education, Denver Preschool Program, Rocky Mountain Early Childhood Council, Kids First, Mountain Valley Developmental Services, Pitkin County Department of Health and Human Services, and Vail Resorts.


The Eagle County Early Childhood Roadmap identifies “principles and best practices essential to a comprehensive early childhood system, to present strategies for building such a system, and to make recommendations specific to Eagle County in pursuing this objective.

Chapter 1 of this report details the programmatic components of a comprehensive early childhood system – early learning, family engagement, and health. For each component, the report identifies principles and best practices; assesses the existing programs, resources and gaps in Eagle County; and lays out options based on approaches used by other communities.

Chapter 2 describes the infrastructure necessary to support an effective early childhood system and the strategies other communities have used to implement their systems, including community collaboration, creating an early childhood framework to guide system-building, collecting and tracking data to assess efficacy and identifying a coordinating agency to lead the effort.

Chapter 3 presents a case study of Montgomery County, Maryland – a community that has successfully built an early childhood system that incorporates many programmatic best practices and demonstrates a successful infrastructure and strategy for developing a model system.

Chapter 4 presents our findings and recommendations. In this chapter, we identify the most pressing needs facing Eagle County, evaluate current proposals for a tax initiative and for an Educare center, and suggest both short- and long-term recommendations for the county to move toward its goal of creating a comprehensive early childhood system.”
(Source: Eagle County Early Childhood Roadmap, p. 2)

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Date of Publication: July 1, 2016

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