District Performance Framework 2013

Investigator(s): Colorado Department of Education


The District Performance Framework snapshot view of Eagle School District’s strengths and opportunities for k-12 schools.

Section 1 provides pre-populated district/consortium CDE (Colorado Department of Education) data in section 1 in terms of performance on federal and state accountability measures, including academic achievement and growth, growth gaps, postsecondary & workforce readiness, English language development and attainment. Additionally, it looks at the District’s Improvement Plan requirements and accountability status regarding the Improvement Plan timeline and accountability clock, State accreditation plan type, and plans for student graduation and completion, gifted education, Title IA, Title IIA, and program improvement under Title III.

Section II includes basic improvement plan reporting information, including contact information.

Section III looks at the process and results of the analysis of the data for the district using “Narrative on Data Analysis and Root Cause Identification” corresponding with the “Evaluate” portion of the continuous improvement cycle. This section clearly identifies the District’s strengths and opportunities, including root causes.

Section IV details the District’s action plan, including targets, measures, and detailed major improvement strategies with their timelines.

Section V documents Gifted Education program plan requirements for student performance.

Dates included: 2013-2014 school year


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Dataset Contact:
Heather Eberts, Assistant Superintendent of Learning Services
Email: heather.eberts@eagleschools.net
Phone: (970) 328-1920
Mailing Address: PO Box 740, Eagle, Colorado 81631